Klemens Sitzmann is interested in the visual expression of geometric forms, which he views as the primary carriers of information

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Klemens is an trained architect who uses computers as his primary tool for creating high resolution drawings and patterns. His artworks aim to produce the shapes and forms he deems missing from our rationalistic, everyday lives.
In his process, he experiments with digital tools to create new shapes and geometry. By harnessing the power of algorithms and code, he produces intricate and complex works of art that are unique and unrepeatable. One can see it as shape grammar, which inhabits the borderline of our known environment and a dose of fiction and fantasy.
These are the feelings he desires to trigger in the viewer.
Through his art, he aims to explore the relationship between form and content and the role that geometry plays in conveying meaning. Sitzmann’s work is characterized by a commitment to precision, clarity, and a fascination with the potential of technology to enhance artistic expression He prints his works on Aluminum and 3D prints them in various materials.
His architecture works can be found here

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    Klemens Sitzmann

    +49 1578 3363301
    Ust-IdNr. DE311838031

    Konzúlat Studios

    Leipziger Straße 60/61
    10117 Berlin

    Past Exhibitions + -

    Between Worlds - Old Walls New Art
    group exhibition about the future - Digital Art Stills & Animation

    Asisi Panorama Berlin

    Archivierte Zukunft - Futuro archiviato
    group exhibition about future architecture in the Alps
    Stadtmuseum Bruneck


    Edge 2019 - Neuroscience and Art Exhibition
    group exhibition at Charité Crossover (CCO)
    & decommissioned power station and art space in Steglitz


    the absolute library - Solo exhibition
    Raum 3000


    The Essence 15
    annual exhibition of the university of applied arts
    Künstlerhaus Wien


    The Essence 14
    annual exhibition of the university of applied arts
    Künstlerhaus Wien


    Environmental Ballet
    architectural performance MAK NITE Lab
    MAK Säulenhalle


    The Essence 13
    annual exhibition of the university of applied arts
    Künstlerhaus Wien


    Experimental Architecture Biennale
    Jaroslav Fragner Gallery

    Praque, CZ


    David Rutten Acadia Award Speech