Wallpaper Collection

Traditionally patterns and wallpapers follow the rule of repetition. One motive gets repeated and creates a pattern. For an artist-edition design, I wanted to challenge the traditional rule of repetition. Experimenting with the algorithms, I wanted to create a different kind of shape language, which bends the rules of pattern-making to our advantage. Six designs were created where the rules of repetition are subverted by using a motive that self-similarly repeats.


It looks partly like a repeat pattern but it isn’t. The algorithm changed the shape/motive ever so slightly on the overall canvas that it could continue until infinity and never repeat a single time. This required not just the motive but the whole final to be rendered in high-resolution, resulting in an obscene resolution of close to a billion pixel overall.


The wallpaper collection is exclusively on sale at Extratapete

Original Size:

32.000 x 28.000px

Printed 320cm x 280cm