Incomplete Cubes NFT


Incomplete Cubes is a collection of NFTs – unique digital collectibles, existing on the gas-free and environmental friendly Polygon Blockchain. The collection is a generative art project which explores minimalistic form in a defined space. The project is visually inspired by Sol LeWitt’s “Incomplete Open Cube” Series from 1974. Incomplete Cubes share the same boundary volume and are permutations of geometry describing a cube. This collection honors the process of geometry and form, it is an architectural study that explores the constraints of form in a defined space Each Incomplete Cube has a 4.096*4.096px image and a 3d printable .stl file available for download after purchase.


Incomplete Cubes are the smalles units of their universe. As atoms they form the shape grammar of their unique world of geometry. The blockchain will be the underlaying infrastructure of the future. The images on the righthand side are artistic interpretations of how the Blockchain could be visualized as blocks of information. Ultimately these visual studies led to the development of Incomplete Cubes as a NFT series.


With the purchase of an Incomplete Cube the high resolution image (image size of 4.096 x 4.096px) will be available for download. Each Incomplete Cubes has a 3D-print ready file to download after purchase. The file comes as .stl file with an edge lenght of 10cm. All files have been vetted for 3D-printability and work with all available 3d-prin technologies.